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New Discount Adidas Originals Stan Smith Shoes

Posted by admin 10/08/2016 0 Comment(s) Adidas Shoes,

Stan Smith backing a great deal, it is the first ever pair of signature sneakers are designed for adidas Stan Smith (Stan Smith) designed and named.

Who Adidas Stan Smith that? He is a legendary figure tennis. Since 1968, Smith has 11 years in the Davis Cup, 24 war 22 wins, 7 wins. Between 1967-1980, Smith 11 consecutive years ranked in the top US ten, four of them ranked first. After retiring, he did not leave the tennis career, in 2000, he also served as the Sydney Olympic Games on behalf of American tennis coach.

Air force 1 ratio and carries it about, you know  Adidas Originals Stan Smith more cow B. This pair of shoes was born in the 1960s, while the air force 1 Ze was born in 1982, seniority accumulated more naturally, it is said, Stan Smith adidas is still the best selling single product a shoe.

Classic design, simple appearance, as long as one, Adidas Stan Smith will be able to capture your heart. In 1963 Rober Haillet as the prototype, the classic three stripes drilling and other simple details to create original, legendary Stan Smith shoes starting from 1973, when the top-seeded tennis and adidas Originals Stan Smith joined forces to ensure the sector can not Sneaker legend trend beyond, the history of the first pair of signature shoes Stan Smith come out. Stan Smith this pair of white tennis shoes in the last couple of years to become the star of the Adidas product, not a fashion trend led. You may even know what "sex" movement and what "sneakers renaissance", but Stan Smith just happens to catch up with it - too much white sneakers, white Converse All Stars also, why not so lucky it?

Stan Smith chase young people is not derived from the history and classics. This pair of shoes has been around for 52 years. In 1971, Adidas found was ranked tennis player in the field Stan Smith, I hope he can cooperate with his double helped popularize this white leather tennis shoes. Carefully calculated words, Smith 1985, when retired, these young people have not been born yet. 2008 Adidas Stan Smith joined the adidas Originals brand product line, has sold its sales of 40 million.