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Tech Review Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit running shoes

Posted by admin 31/08/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Running Shoes,

Free is Nike Natural Motion emphasize barefoot experience and technical experience, 10 years of history. Flyknit the past two years proposed by the knitting vamps technology, it aims to improve comfort and encapsulated, whether racing shoes and training shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes, or tidal shoes are applied. The technology integration with Flyknit lightweight, breathable characteristics, and respected Free barefoot feel is inevitable, then the two will be fused product will become the main thrust of Nike models. Last year, Nike Free series for the first time introduced Flyknit technology, and uses a more conservative Free 5.0 soles. This year Flyknit use technology products are Free with the Free 3.0 and 4.0 soles (with 5.0 soles styles can be customized in Nike iD).

Last summer, when I had first introduced Reviews Free Flyknit running shoes, was not very satisfied feeling down. In early March this year, Nike released a new series of Free running shoes, I had the honor to be invited to participate in the Beijing conference also raise a number of questions to the designer and get answers. This month received an official send test new Free 3.0 Flyknit, experience the down feeling is quite obvious improvement, this review will also focus on analysis with the earlier edition of the differences.

Version 2014 Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit upgrade change in appearance is obvious, whether it is the upper or sole, have improved the legacy issues that arise from a considerable degree. Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit whole vamp Flyknit weaving techniques, argyle showing the inside to the outside of the rules of the gradient, the higher the middle portion of the elastic dark, to accommodate different foot; around the lower part of the blue thick elastic. From the outline view, Older Free Flyknit uses a similar asymmetric contour pattern, relying on the upper gully designed to achieve and fit the foot, and the entire Free upturned soles stretched upper margin is quite high. The new Free 3.0 Flyknit to this design was improved by curve becomes diamond pattern, and elastic at the instep portion of the increase. Shoe soles face stretching intensity decreases, the magnitude of upturned toe also reduced accordingly. In summary the new Free 3.0 Flyknit reviews 5.0 80% of problems encountered are resolved before, has improved a lot from the practical. However, if your ankle in the usual trend valgus then it is recommended to carefully consider this barefoot running shoes.